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You may have already noticed, but we’re not your average SEO company. We’re different from our competitors because we know that success online isn’t just about rankings. We could bore you with talk about how rankings will rake in the money, but we know there’s more to being profitable online. When you work with Online Marketing Gurus, you’re working with a team whose goal is to improve your online traffic as a whole, and that includes leads and sales.

Since day one, we’ve dropped the sneaky tricks that other SEO companies use to bring in quick success. Instead, we drive profits using ethical and highly customised strategies that are long-lasting and align with the personal goals of your business. We’re highly professional and respect both the work we do and you do, but we still have a lot of fun doing it. And that fresh perspective is what gives you the much deserved advantage of your competitors.

Our values at OMG


Google is a moody beast that’s in constant movement, quick to change and difficult to keep up with. Our gurus are proactive at all times, so both we and our clients can stay ahead of the curve. There are constantly new strategies, tactics, and techniques popping up while older ones no longer work, and you can trust that our gurus are constantly innovating and eager to continue delivering growth for our clients.


Creativity is one of our proudest values at Online Marketing Gurus. We could use the same boring tactics as other companies, but instead we choose to look at things differently to drive stronger growth and ROI for our clients. SEO is about ingenuity and innovation, and being creative means we can constantly keep up with the changing digital environment.

Build a raving fan base

Gurus need friends too! We know how rewarding it is to build strong relationships that are based on success for both parties. And that’s why we make sure every engagement with our clients is valuable for both us and you. By working hard to drive success, we hope you’ll want to stick around to see how much more we can do for you.

Forward Thinking

You might still hear promises of page 1 rankings and similar guarantees from other SEO companies, but not from our gurus. We know that these days, online success is about driving results by bringing in qualified traffic and sales that will organically lead to the outcome you want. And that’s why we don’t offer false or empty promises. We’re in the business of delivering traffic, driving results, and increasing ROI for our clients, and that’s what sets us apart from the rest.


We couldn’t be more diverse here at Online Marketing Gurus. That’s what helps drive the creativity and innovation that keeps us ahead of the curve. Our gurus come from all sorts of backgrounds, with different personalities and qualifications that gives each of us a unique point of view. But despite the differences, we all have one thing in common: a shared love and passion for all things SEO, PPC, and online marketing.

We have years of experience in delivering results that we’re proud of - for businesses of all sizes and budgets - and you can bet that each one of us will provide a unique insight to push success for your business. There isn’t a more collaborative team than the one at Online Marketing Gurus, and we’re all working hard to improve results for you.


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