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Various digital marketing strategies have enabled many business owners in Melbourne to increase their website traffic. Increasing website traffic though isn't rocket science, and there are no magic tricks that are going to turn your site into a powerhouse instantly. Instead, you have to use a combination of many different tried, and true strategies that combined can offer significant, incremental and long-term increases in your website traffic.

Onsite SEO

Onsite search engine optimization refers to everything you do to help get your website listed prominently in the search engines directly on your pages. This starts from the beginning of your online business when you hopefully pick a domain name with appropriate keywords and phrases in it. It continues as you develop page names with keywords, use keywords in your content, your internal links, your META tags and so on.

The most significant thing is researching the right keywords that you should be aiming. Some may be popular but may be dominated by strong competition. Others you may be able to get the number 1 spot for easily, but actual searchers rarely use them. Therefore you need to research which keywords offer the best combination of popularity and weaker competition, allowing your site to jump to the top of the list quickly.

Offsite SEO

Offsite search engine optimization refers to everything you do to help increase your website’s SEO elsewhere on the Internet. Below are 6 tips for increasing website traffic.

1. Social networking: With social networking, you can distribute your content to members of various communities like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube hoping to build your presence, increasing your direct traffic and building up incoming links in the process.

2. Article marketing: The main benefit of article marketing is that for every article you create you can include links in the resource box to your website. This helps your search engine standing greatly. If you take the time write high-quality articles and to do so frequently, you’ll also build up a reputation as a knowledgeable member of your community and a trusted source of information.

3. Video marketing: Video marketing is the new wave of article marketing, basically capitalizing on the same benefits but through the means of the creation of videos. An added benefit is how much more engaging and interactive your content can be when presented in video form.

4. Forums and blogs: Posting on forums and leaving comments on blogs is one way to help get your website noticed by other people and other websites within the community. If you make intelligent and thoughtful comments, people will respect what you have to say and will visit your website or reach out to you when in need.

5. PPC Campaigns: PPC advertising isn’t technically SEO, it’s SEM or search engine marketing since it’s a paid form of promotion. Still, it can be an extremely powerful tool to have to help increase your site’s presence and traffic.

6. Hire an expert: The best way for this to happen is to hire a competent and cost-effective digital marketing agency that will enlist your company with Google Local. You need to follow the proper procedure for the enlistment. If you do so correctly, your company’s name will appear on Google searches. Not only that, the name of your store will appear on a map on Page 1 of the search results of Google.

The right combination of all of the above SEO strategies will lead to a great boost in the amount of website traffic that you see and enjoy. Not everything works for all businesses or markets, so always be sure to evaluate your strategies and campaigns for effectiveness.