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Scholarship for the advancement of Digital Marketing

Scholarship for the advancement of Digital Marketing:

 This scholarship is being offered by one of Australia’s thought leaders in the space of Content Marketing, Online PR, Organic search and SEO Services. The Online Marketing Gurus exist to drive branding and traffic growth to their clients site’s and this is delivered through innovation of conventional SEO norms and leveraging of Offline marketing fundamentals in an Online Marketing environment.  The Marketing students of today will be the future heads of Digital Strategy in Australia in the years to come and the Online Marketing Gurus are offering financial aid and a scholarship for selected applicants.


The Online Marketing Gurus will provide up to $4,000 worth of financial support in the form of a scholarship for young Marketing Graduates.


The applicant must be a full-time student at a university or college that is accredited by a regional accrediting association. The scholarship for the advancement of Digital Marketing is available to students studying  a Bachelors and/or Master in Business, Commerce, Marketing or E-Marketing . Students whom have prior work experience in Digital Marketing will be favoured, as well as students whose clear and concise understanding of their career goals line up with the missions of the Scholarship program.

People from rural and isolated areas:
The Online Marketing Gurus are making this scholarship open to students who are living in rural, remote and very remote cities who need to work via distance. We are an Online and Digital business and having invested heavily in automation and cloud computing we have the ability to offer this Scholarship via distance. Should an applicant be picked from a remote area we would only require one induction face to face. The Online Marketing Gurus believe in educational advancement irrespective of geographical boundaries.

Recipients of the AODM scholarship will receive:

  • Comprehensive training in Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Copywriting for success course: Covering copywriting fundamentals, sales, SEO and branding
  • Technical Organic Search Marketing fundamentals: What is involved from Strategy to delivery.

In order to be eligible, students must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident enrolled as a full time or part time student with the ability to show a GPA or WAM of a minimum credit average.

Value: AUD $4,000.00

Length of Scholarship: One semester

Closing Date/ Deadline for entries: 31/11/2014


  1. Applicants should apply online, providing their CV, cover letter and academic transcript to date.
  2. Extra items: 500 Words response on “What does Digital Marketing mean to you?”
  3. Submit your applications to

Application status: Open

For further information, students should contact Mez Homayunfard, Sales and Marketing Manager, at or on (02)8202 9970

What our clients say about us?

Think Conveyancing: The Online Marketing Gurus have been a driving force behind driving up the visibility of Think Conveyancing.  As one of Australia’s largest Conveyancing firms with over 40 Conveyancers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth we needed a partner that was creative, fluid and would go the extra mile, this is OMG. Would highly recommend any Uni lever to work there..

– Christopher Lane: CEO

LPZ Plumbing: The Online Marketing Gurus have helped us transform our business from a start up to a multi million dollar a year enterprise using SEO. Mez and his team encapsulate everything that represents Aussie ingenuity and innovation. We worked with OMG before they ere the international powerhouse they are now and are grateful to work with their consulting team. They have helped our site penetrate competitive keywords like “Plumber Sydney” and “Blocked drains Sydney” using their Data Driven SEO approach ( which their team have managed to communicate with us well)