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As a marketer or website owner, SEO is one of the most vital aspects of your content marketing strategy. When it comes to online marketing, only a few strategies evolve as quick as search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine rankings always keep changing and this is why it's important to always stay in touch with the latest updates and post quality content to increase organic rankings. Although the algorithm updates were quite a few in 2017, it was still another exciting year for SEO. However, with recent technologies already in use will carry a much greater impact this year. Now you may be wondering which SEO trends will be the major hit in 2018? To help you prepare, here are six SEO tips for Australian businesses from experts.

1. Integrate SMO
In the previous years, social media optimisation was only used when introducing brands, expanding your market, or creating a brand image. However, it has grown to become one of the important aspects of SEO. When you build your market and brand image through this, you get more mentions and brand votes through the social media. This leads to an increased number of shares which in turn boost traffic.

2. Mobile first
After launching MobileGeddon for indexing mobile and tablets, Google has now launched an Accelerated Mobile Pages Project. This is an open source standard that is designed to help publishers load their website content quicker on mobile devices. This is why you should also ensure that your site is responsive for all the available mobile platforms. To decrease your website loading time in mobile platforms, you can integrate this AMP project into your website.

3. Earned Links
Backlinks have been one of the major SEO strategies in 2017 and it will continue to be very essential in 2018. However, the quality of your links will be now more important than it has been. Now you can even get penalized for low quality and spammy links. For that reason, it is advisable to not focus on building as many links as possible but rather earning only the best links that are also relevant.

4. Make Your Existing Pages Longer
A study conducted by Backlinko found out that the longer the content of your website, the higher the chances of it ranking top of the SERPs. However, this does not mean that you write 2,000+ words in every post on your blog. This will be time-consuming and intensive for you. Instead, you can look for existing content that already has established authority and readership and refresh it up with extra and updated information. This will be easier than writing from scratch from 0 to 2000 words. This also applies to videos. Since longer videos tend to do much better in Search engines, try to make all your videos at least 5 minutes long.

5. Local SEO and Listings
In this internet era, may people use online resources to do their research before conducting commerce in real life. Therefore, if you want your business to be more profitable, you should not neglect local SEO and listings. In addition, it is not quite possible to optimise your content for all markets, but it is much easier to optimise it for the Australian market.